A Healthy Body Follows A Healthy Mind


never underestimate everything beautiful (2)

Do you believe that life begins at forty? Please do. Those who are forty and beyond may affirm with me. Those who are younger, you may doubt this to be true. When you reach at this age, it is for you to decide. I, too, did have doubts when I was younger. Now that I am here, I have all the reasons to say it’s true.

On the eve of my fortieth birthday, I was admitted in the hospital. Health issues; over-fatigue, burn out, stress physically, mentally and emotionally had taken its toll on me. I was hospitalized twice on the same year. The doctor’s verdict-stress, acid reflux and vitamin B deficiency. Well, acid reflux actually is a result of prolonged stress. Vitamin B deficiency is age related.

From there, I look back at my life. I ask why do I arrive at this destination without me knowing it. Most of my stress comes from work. Thirty percent perhaps comes from family matters and a little from lifestyle. I need to do something, or else, I’ll die young. So, I did more soul searching and ask my deepest self what makes it happy. The answer that come is for me to solve three things: job, finances and self. All of these I need to make healthy.

At forty, I am not so much happy with my present job. I believe it has something to do with my calling. Each of us has this calling. We are the happiest when we do the things that we love doing. Presently, I am giving way to my calling. This is writing. I write because I just love it. I am doing it slowly and gradually. When the time comes, this calling would be able to help my finances. I do believe and I do pray. And ultimately, I would be healthy because I am doing the thing that I love the most. Simple as that.

Also, from the soul searching I found out how a healthy mind could make everything in yourself better. The way to a strong mind is to do something physically. I did yoga, tai chi and guided meditations. All of these help me a lot. My health is slowly being restored. Most of all, heartfelt prayers made me stronger and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

However, it would be much better if while younger we already know what is the best road to take, that we may not arrive at the place where our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self would be at risk.

Have a purposeful day!


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