Memoirs Of A Fruitful Chance Encounter



I love chance encounters. It is in this situation that I feel I am my genuine self. I don’t have any prejudgments of the person I encounter. At the same time I do not feel being prejudged because this person I am talking to does not know my past, my failures, and my stupidity. We talk for the pleasure of having someone to talk to, or maybe just to pass the time while waiting in line of the grocery store, or in a bus terminal.

In my life, I have various chance encounters. Two of them stand out vividly in my memory. The other one happened in my early thirties. I was in the bus on the way to my beloved hometown. I was away from home for a year. The travel fascinated me, especially the changes in the places that the bus passed by. It truly were refreshing to the eye. In one of the bus stops, there was this young girl who was a passenger of the other bus. She did not get out of the bus. She just called out through the bus window the vendor of a certain food where I also bought. I was the one who gave the food to her and received the money which I handed to the vendor. She had this cheerful personality which was really contagious. We smiled at each other as if we were friends for a long time. And she possessed a cheerful voice that showed confidence. I admired her at that instant because I was a timid girl in nature. I spoke silently to myself – I wish I have that charming personality that lightens someone’s spirit. I was inspired by then.

The other chance encounter that left me mesmerized was in my twenties. It took place in a drugstore where I accompanied my mother buy her medicines. There were few customers there. Everyone seemed to be polite and talked only to the pharmacists. Then there was this woman who seemed to be in her late twenties. She did not gaze at anyone except to the pharmacist. Yet, she had this aura that seemed to draw someone to her direction. She had a bob cut hair. Her skin was fair. Did not wear any make-up and wore only a plain white shirt. In her looks she seemed to be married and was already a mother. Yet, I could not quiet figure out what made me admire her. It’s not her looks I was sure. It was something within her that made me drawn to her. In her simplicity she looked awesome and attractive. I was so much awed looking at her. I was in that state of aha moment. Until now, I still could not figure that out despite the two decades that passed. Perhaps, it was her aura that was inexplicably beautiful.

This made me think that we touch other people’s lives in different ways, in our own unique ways; whether we utter a word, or just give a friendly look. Or perhaps, just the way how we treat our body means something to an outsider. Who we are, what we are, just plainly shows. We may not be aware of it but nature has its own way of reflecting outside who we are inside. We are a walking gospel. If we have developed our uniqueness and our gifts to the fullest, it might show without us knowing it. And our best self is the best gospel we could ever preach. We do touch lives. Hope when we touch someone it is for the betterment of someone and not the other way around.

Have a purposeful day!




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