Beauty Amidst Diversity


Once in my life I asked, “what if God made us all alike?” Perhaps there would be no criticisms. Perhaps there would be no divisions. Perhaps there would be no wars. Perhaps there would be no conflicts. And perhaps there would only be one color, one race, one flow of thought. Then we would all be like robots, not caring one another because there would never be a need nor gaps to fill. Life would be monotonous. And we would never know the joys beyond compare, peace amidst chaos and the beauty despite imperfections.

Perhaps this is the one reason why God created everything in diversity. God perhaps saw that genuine beauty rises amidst diversity; that beauty could never be found in monotony. Even a family is an example of diversity. There are the grandparents, the parents, the children, and sometimes the relatives all living together under one roof-diverse people, diverse personalities and diverse age group. Yet could very possibly live together in unity and peace. The one unifying thing that binds these diverse people together is the love they have for each other.

Yeah, love. Love needs to be expressed, to be accepted and to be shared. To love genuinely is the greatest challenge diverse people face. This might be the one thing that binds every diversity. Sadly, this thing called love is also what sets people apart. It’s not the love. It’s the desire to be loved, to be adored, to be desired and to belong. It’s the diversity in beliefs, in ways, and in understandings that divides people. And it is this division that makes us wish – how much better life would be if we are all created the same.

But, hey, if God believes that genuine beauty could be found in diversity then let us aspire to see that. Yeah, wishing would never help. Acting does. That is perhaps the very purpose why we are here – to discover the main ingredient to living a beautiful life amidst our diversity. Let us serve that purpose. We may be different but in acting out our diverse purposes, our diverse selves, we might finally say: “overcoming our diversity is the greatest beauty God ever created.”

Have a purposeful day!


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