The Only Thing We Need to Manage Chaos in Our Life

The Only Thing We Need to Manage Chaos in Our Life

All of us hate chaos. We hate chaos because we want everything to be in order. Our definition of order is that everything should turn out the way we want it to be. And when the opposite happens, chaos sets in.

When it happens, our initial reaction? Most likely it could either be frustration, or desperation, or anger. Is it worth it? For the time being it is, because we have to express whatever feelings we have inside just to get it out of our system. In a constructive way, of course. Then, what’s next? Pick up the broken pieces and start all over again. Easy to say, yeah. But this is the reality of life. We all must pass through this chaos. It is in this chaos that our true colors come out. If we are not yet mature in handling this kind of situation, it shows. If we are mature enough, it shows also.

Whether we like it or not, we must embrace all the chaos that comes our way. Every chaos we overcome brings a small victory. When this small victories are put together, wow, we’ve become a glorious fighter in our own little way. And what a beautiful challenge everyday brings, when we know we are able to handle the little battles of life.

At times, there are chaos that are too hot to handle or to heavy to carry. This is the time when we must be humble enough to ask for help from someone knowledgeable than us; or from someone who had been there and did fairly well. And when we have already muster all our strengths and things still are unmanageable, it is time to surrender. Quitting is not necessarily an option. Perhaps, we just have to pause, take a deep breath, do something that relaxes our mind and body. Then when we are strong enough to start all over again, face it again. This time with much willpower.

 By the way, the hardest chaos to face is the chaos in the mind. This is also the chaos that is easier to handle when we have that good relationship between our body and our mind. When our body is well and relaxed, it is much easier to slow down and chew everything bit by bit. And the best way to stay relax, calm and collected is to meditate everyday. This is the only thing we must do to face every chaos that comes our way with much clarity. Meditation enhances our focus and makes us a little sober. The good thing is, there are many platforms out there that teach us how to meditate rightly. We just have to choose the only one that fits us. Or, if we are more physically active, we could opt for a walk. It’s a form of meditation too, especially when you do it alone.

Thus, let us not be frightened by any chaos that may come our way. It is very much manageable because God designed us to stay on top of them. We can do it.

Have a purposeful day!


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5 thoughts on “The Only Thing We Need to Manage Chaos in Our Life

  1. Really lovely post! I enjoyed reading and so much of it resonated with me 🙂


  2. I love this post. I just started reading The Secret . It’s all in the mind 🙂 Followed your blog 🙂


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