Purpose Unleashed

love does it all purposive writer
“Man craves for importance,” great writers said. They further added that it is inherent in people to want to be recognized, to want to be great. This made me ask why. Yes, I grew up seeing this craving in everybody. Even myself, I also have this deep gnawing inside of me to do something great that I may become great too. I do not know why I have the craving. I just knew I have too.

But  just now, I ask myself this question. Why is it so important to be recognized? I think I found the answer to my own question. Perhaps man just wants to prove to himself that he exists. This mere existence is what drives us to shout to the world, that “hey world, I am here. And I am great.” But the downside of this is we are putting much effort on ourselves in proving our existence, all the while putting a burden too on other people who also face the same issues like us. And this also may mislead us into believing that we can prove our existence and become great in the eyes of the people by acquiring much money, extravagant material things, power and prestige.

I guess the much better way in making our existence a difference is not “craving” to be recognized. Perhaps just mastering the art of love may do it. When we love everything around, our presence just radiates. There is no need for us to prove that we are present. Love does it. By loving, people recognize our very presence even without us uttering a word. And our existence then may have meaning.

This may be the very purpose of our existence. Difficult? Yes, it is. If it were easier everybody would have mastered it.

Have a purposeful day!





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