The Irony Of My “Perfect Moment”


As I closed my eyes while lying on my bed, I heard the sweet chirping of the birds and the joyous laughter of my son lying beside me. The sounds awakened my soul. I opened my eyes slowly, and my gaze focused on the heart-shaped leaves of the vine that climbed over the fence and danced with each blow of the wind just outside the window. The soft rays of the sun behind the leaves made the scene before me so perfect. I seemed to flow with eternity. And I allowed myself to be carried by the glory of the moment.

My Sunday started so perfectly despite – despite the typhoon Lando that hits the country on this windy day. Our place is not the center of the storm since its center is in the Northern provinces of the Philippines. We are located in the central region. However, the wind is strong due to the monsoon that pulls the typhoon’s tailwind. And the rains would come and go together with these winds. While the sun occasionally takes a peek. Many tree branches have fallen and some papaya plants have been uprooted just outside the house.

We don’t have any update about the typhoon since yesterday morning until this noon due to power interruption. When we watched the news this evening we learned how fierce the typhoon have raged in the affected areas. There are even lives that have been lost, like the family who lost some of their members due to the tree that had fallen directly on their house. Sad. 

I then thought: I had the most memorable morning and a glimpse of the “perfect moment” where my soul experienced the fullness of my senses earlier. But during that time, other souls have been fighting for their lives and properties. 

It may seem painful. It really is. But what can I do? I am not God. I have not the right to ask why. I could only pray for them that God may comfort them and keep them safe no matter their circumstances. 

And the greatest responsibility I have to face, is to carry on with my life and do the best with what God has given me at the moment. If God would wants me to commune with him in these “perfect moments” I would gladly do so for I have been created to serve his purpose; and most especially to let others know that one of the best ways to commune with him fully, is to use all your senses and connect with nature. There he is in all his fullness and glory. Very perfectly.

Have a purposeful day!



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