The Shadow That Knows My Name

the shadow that knows my name

Halloween is approaching and creepy memories keep coming back in these times.

I am then inspired to share with you a real, creepy thing that happened to me thirty-four years ago. Okay, I was six then and curious, and tough and unafraid. And I was always at my best when I was in the company of myself. Yeah, I had been a loner and still is today.

It happened at three in the wee hour of the morning. I was in the kitchen due to call of nature. Our urinal was put there. The house we were renting did not have a comfort room. We only used the public market’s comfort room when we felt the need. It was still okay at that time because the market was located just across our rented house. We had a urinal only for night use. And that particular hour the need to pee awakened me.

As I was about to return to our living room/sleeping area I heard someone calling me. I kept still and listened intently. Calling my name at three in the morning? Weird of course. But I was not mistaken. The call was loud and clear from someone right outside our front yard. I looked out of the window to see who it was. Nobody was there. Absolutely nobody. If it happened this time, I would have ran. But no. Children are more curious than afraid. That was what I felt at that time. Was I dreaming? I asked myself.  Feeling the weirdness of it, I turned my back away from the window. As I was about to take a step away from there, the voice called again. I looked out once more. And there under the Cacao tree a Shadow of a child stood. My body hairs still stand as I relate this now. There was a lamp post a few feet away from the tree. But the light failed to illuminate the child, as it stood directly at the left side of the Cacao tree while the lamp post was at the right side of the tree. I could make out only its silhouette. I felt a tingling down my spine. But then I felt hypnotized. I tend to be carried away by the moment. I forgot where I was or what time it was. I was just there conversing with the shadow who told me she was my friend. “Who are you?” I asked the second time. “I am your friend.” It answered. “Come down here, let us go to the plaza to play.” My reasoning came back. I answered, “no I won’t. It is still early in the morning. Besides, the plaza is dark and nobody is there.” The plaza was located at the next block across the street. But we lived on the second floor, so it was visible to where I stood. It was dark as I took a glimpse of it. The shadow insisted, “come on, let us play. Let us go to the plaza.” I answered no again. However, the shadow managed to persuade me. It said, “come down, let us go to the plaza. Don’t you want to ride the Ferris wheel? Our friends are already there. Just look.” As I looked over, then and there, the plaza became alive. There were bright lights, children playing and running. There were carousels. It seemed like a fiesta. There were lots of people laughing. And the plaza seemed to beckon me.

Because of what I saw, it no longer matter what time was it. I just wanted to join with the merry making. I headed towards the staircase and climbed down excitedly. I slowly unlock the door, careful not to make any noise. Just as I was about to open the door a voice jolted me. “Where are you going?” It was my grandfather standing on top of the staircase. “To the plaza to play.” I answered. He said sternly, “no. It is still too early and too dark. Come up here and go back to sleep.” I insisted, “no lolo, I have to go. My friends are already there.” And I was so determined to go out. But grandpa was more determined than me. He got angry, raised his voice and ordered me to go up. It was then that I seemed to be awaken from a deep slumber. I wondered why I was down there, holding the door’s lock. I climbed up the stairs wondering what happened. My grandpa saw to it that I was back to sleep before returning to his bed.

The following morning grandpa immediately told the family what I did at three o’clock in the morning. My mother was so terrified. They said, had I went outside without anybody knowing, dark spirits could have taken me. They said, I was sleepwalking then.

Whatever they call it, it was so real for me. I was just glad it happened only once in my lifetime.

It was not the only time I did weird things at three o’clock in the morning. Many times after coming from the urinal I opened the window and just stared at the stillness outside or looked up at the moon shining brightly above. My mother would wake up then and order me to go back to sleep. Among the four kids in the family, I was the only one having these experiences. They said it might be due to the cave below the house we lived in. There might be spirits living there too. My parents then started to look for a house where we could transfer. And after several months we transferred.

That was the first and the last time I clearly saw and talked to a shadow. And so glad it never happened again.

The memory just returned to me vividly as I am now re-inventing my life and focusing on my purpose. I am looking back at my not so ordinary experiences and sometimes not so normal self. This made me then realize that my life is about my spirituality. And the experts said, when you are more spiritual, you attract spirits good and bad. So I came to ask myself was I spiritual ever since? With my experiences, perhaps yes.

This is now the road I take. With God, I welcome everything that is going to happen along the way. This is my way of discovering my purpose and living to that purpose. If you are on the way of discovering your purpose too, go back to your childhood. Ask what happened, why it happened and how it is providing you clues to your best ever destiny. The answers might have been clearly laid along the way.

Have a purposeful day!


3 thoughts on “The Shadow That Knows My Name

  1. no coincident that the events happened at 3:30 am the time when most spirits are active…


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