Am I Serving A Selfish God?

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Who is God?

Jesus asked the disciples, who do you say I am? Peter had the best answer, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Everyone of us has our own answer, depending on the faith that we are practicing. Who, do I say God? God is my light, my guide, my life.

But then, I am not the always obedient child. I keep on asking why. Just recently, I feel I am serving a selfish God. Do not judge me or react immediately please. Just read on.

God is selfish

As you can see, God sets the rules. He has the laws as guidelines. We need to follow.

He is the light yes, and He programmed me to connect to His light. If ever I stray away or go farther away from Him I could no longer connect to His light and I would become lost.

He has programmed my mind, soul and spirit to connect to Him. I could not de-programmed myself. I could not sustain myself alone. Apart from Him, I would be nothing.

He said I have my own will. Yet, if I follow what I want that is not in accordance with His will, I would not become truly successful. (There are people who are rude, yet are wealthy. I do not consider that true success because spiritually they are not practicing their faith. They do things only for material gains.)

My will then should be, to follow His will. I am not free then. I am just programmed.

So I asked God about this. I asked Him why is He so selfish. Everything is all about Him and Him alone. I asked Him what He could say about this.

Because my life is not about my will but His will be done. He has His conditions. If I follow my own will, my humanly will, I will die. If I follow His will I will live. I have no other choice but to follow His will, or else, I will die. He calls. I answer. I have to. If not, I would be miserable. And it is so true.

God’s answer

And you know what? God answered me immediately. He is not always like this because at times, He kept me waiting. This time He was in the mood to defend Himself.

He touched my heart and told me, He was and is the Eternal one, my eternal life. He is my lifeline, the breath that I take. I have the life, He is the source. To  feel His love, to realize His love are the bridges that connect us. Love is the light that makes us one. If I would not realize this, my life would be a total mess.

My life then is all about Him and Him alone. I have my life, the life am living this very moment because of Him.

In Him I found perfect peace. In Him I found perfect beauty. In Him I found myself. In Him I Am because we are one. He is my shadow, following me always, nudging me to go to the center of the light that at last He and I may be One. He is the I Am.

Who is selfish then?

I asked myself then, am I the selfish one? Am I that selfish to follow only what I want? Did I just forget that God and I are one?

God is not selfish then. He just want me to Remember. I am not God. But there is that part of God in me. I am made in His image and likeness. It is that God in me that is urging me to connect to the God of life, to my Source.

I am His little one. And He just want me to remember.

If all of us would Remember the God in us, what a beautiful world we would have.

I am so much satisfied with God’s answer.  How about you? Have you any questions you want to ask God? You better have to. He is just waiting.

Have a purposeful day!






2 thoughts on “Am I Serving A Selfish God?

  1. This is true. It’s not so much about his way, but about the right way. Knowing this and having the ability to choose it is freedom.


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