What Is Your Purpose?

purposivewriterWhat is your purpose? This question may sound corny, but this is a question we must face and must answer daily if we were to live a significant life.

In our world where everything is almost in our reach, we most often forget why are we here; what purpose we may serve. However, nature always find a way to awaken us to our life’s purpose. How are we awakened vary from person to person.

The best thing we need to put in our minds is, whatever our purpose, may we serve it to the world before our time comes to an end.


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Purpose?

  1. I just read nearly all of the writings here, I will read the rest for my spiritual helpfulness, amongst other things, I am not certain how to place some your writings on my little new blog yet..god bless you beat of all good love from Diane.

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  2. Sorry mistake made I meant to say [best of all good luck to you always]

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